Corporate Email Plans FAQs

What is the procedure to create email account in "Outlook Express"?

1) Open Outlook Express, select Tools from the top menu, and then Accounts... from the pull down list.
2) Select the Mail heading on the Internet Accounts screen and Click on Add-->Mail.
3) Under Display name type in the friendly name that you would like to appear in the from field of your outgoing messages.Click on Next.
4) Enter the full address for your email account like username@yoursite.com where yoursite.com is your domain name.
5) Enter the Incoming/Outgoing Mail Server address as per above details.
6) In the Account name field place your email address like username@yoursite.com where yoursite.com is your domain name.Type in your password in the Password field, check the Remember password field if you wish this feature to be enabled.
7) Check in the box labelled "My Server Requires Authtication" Then, select Use same settings as my incoming mail server, and click OK to return to the previous screen.
8) Click on Apply.

Tell me about "Outllook Settings"?

Username: username@yoursite.com
Password: Your e-mail password for this e-mail account
Incoming Mail Server: mail.yoursite.com.
Outgoing Mail Server: mail.yoursite.com.
Note : yoursite.com is your domain name.

What is the procedure to change the password of email account?

1. Login to Control Panel.
2. Click on "MAIL".
3. Select the email id whose password you want to modify by clicking the same.
4. Click on "Preferences".
5. Change the Password.
6. Click on "OK.

What is the procedure to create Email or Pop accounts?

1. Login to Control Panel.
2. Click on "MAIL".
3. Select "Add New Mail Name" Button.The mail name creation page will open.
4. Enter the desired name into the Mail name field and specify a password that will also be used by the mail user to access the control panel.
5. To create a mailbox, select the Mailbox checkbox and specify the mailbox quota otherwise default for domain.
6. Click OK to submit all changes.
7. After the mail account is created, it appears on the Email id's list.

What is the procedure to apply forwarding or Redirection to Email id?

1.Login to Control Panel
2. Click on "MAIL".
3. Click on the email id for which you want to setup Forwarding or Redirection.
4. Cick the Redirect icon.
5. Select the Redirect checkbox, and in the text box to the right, enter the appropriate address that you wish mail for this mail account to be forwarded to.
6. Click OK.

What is the procedure to create catch-all email account?

A catch all email account is an account with "catches" the emails sent to an address which doesn't exist. For example, if you send mail to blabla@domain.com, and the blabla account doesn't exist, your email will go to a catch all account.
1. Login to Control Panel.
2. Click on "MAIL".
3. Click on "PREFERENCES".
4. To utilize a mail bounce message select the radio button for Bounce with phrase and enter the appropriate text.
5. To utilize a catch-all e-mail address, select the radio button for Catch to address and enter the appropriate e-mail address.
6. Check or uncheck the WebMail checkbox to allow or disallow the use of web-based e-mail for the given domain through webmail.'domain name'.
7. Click OK to submit the changes.

Am I allowed to use catch-all email account facility?

No, catch-all email account facility is not available under any of our shared mail hosting plans. It is only available with dedicated hosting, if required.


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