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Application Level Management

Can your company afford hiring and retaining skilled operations staff and deploying the right skills at the right time? Can you control system complexity and obsolescence, while managing an increasingly IT infrastructure In an organization, it isn’t enough for applications to largely work well. More and more organizations want a certain set of key applications to perform to a certain level of accuracy, efficiency and availability. This is where Application Level Management steps in.

Benefits of Application Level Management:
  • With improved performance and availability of the entire application environment, you get to optimize your business services for your customers.
  • You get a single point of control with a common look and feel across disparate platforms.
  • When someone else monitors your application environment, you recover quickly from outages and application downtime is minimized.
  • With service level measurement incorporated, problems are detected and resolved before they affect the end user. For example, Pugmarks can simulate application transactions from selected desktop clients to measure direct end-to-end response times and monitor end-to-end performance.
  • The service provider manages the interdependencies created when business processes extend beyond the application-specific environment and integrate application processes into the overall process scheduling schemes.
  • At your end you can reduce the skill level required to maintain highly technical applications and environments.
  • It is the service provider’s job to analyze past and present performance, use modeling to predict future performance and help you avoid unnecessary upgrades.
  • By outsourcing Application Level Management you ensure higher optimal automation levels for managing your business-critical processes.
  • Network bottlenecks are reduced and critical transactions are transported on demand, even during peak usage periods.
Pugmarks Application Management Service advantage:
  • The Pugmarks staff is experienced in managing most operating systems, applications and databases.
  • The staff can provide 24/7 management of your custom applications. This way you can rely on availability of someone to help you whenever you need them to.
  • The Pugmarks Application Management Service provides the most in-depth performance and availability management for the broadest range of applications.
  • Our Application Management Service enables you to improve data accuracy and timeliness ensuring a consistent an optimal user experience.
  • We manage both real-time and batch updates to accelerate the flow of application data, avoiding downtime and increasing IT staff productivity.


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