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Network Security And Firewall

Intrusions are a bitter truth organizations face today. A breach in the data security of a company could result in severe financial losses as well as damage to the company's reputation. But the closest we can get to an absolutely secure machine is one unplugged from the network and the power supply, locked in a safe, and thrown at the bottom of the ocean. This won’t be doing you much good. Therefore, the key for anyone entrusted with your network’s security is to find your right balance between absolute security and absolute access.

Pugmarks offers managed firewall, antivirus, and intelligent intrusion protection services. These services are also offered to our collocation services’ customers.

Pugmarks’ Managed Firewall Services protect an organization’s key information assets across networks, hosts, applications and databases.
  • Pugmarks’ highly trained security experts become an extension of each customer's in-house IT staff, providing analysis, configuration, setup, alerts, and 24/7 system management.
  • The customized firewall services harness industry's best practices to ensure a high level of network access and information availability, integrity, and privacy.
  • Around-the-clock firewall monitoring generates immediate alerts and responses for service outages and security alerts associated with critical Internet access points.
  • Pugmarks’ information management architecture takes a wide range of disparate data sources from security and network devices and converts the information into a single, normalized stream of security-related events. The events are then analyzed and prioritized based on a multi-tiered correlation process. This enables Pugmarks to quickly find threats and take appropriate action against them.
The Pugmarks Managed Firewall Services benefits include the following:
  • Pugmarks offers Full Life-Cycle Management of its customers’ firewalls with guaranteed SLAs.
  • Pugmarks delivers true life-cycle management of the firewall devices on an ongoing basis. This includes the proactive refinement of security policies, software patches, and upgrades.
  • Pugmarks provides 24/7 monitoring of security events, which are captured, analyzed, and correlated in real-time.
  • The service also provides 24/7 proactive monitoring for health and performance of the device. This allows Pugmarks to proactively address developing operational problems prior to actual service failures.
  • Pugmarks has unique insight into Internet security threats, by managing critical Internet infrastructure services such as DNS.
  • Pugmarks commences a client-specific escalation procedure when a problem is detected and then works quickly to identify its source.
  • Pugmarks’ proprietary Security defense provides a secure, fault-tolerant communication channel. This enables Pugmarks to remotely monitor its customers' firewalls, install system and software updates, and deploy innovative security technologies too.
  • Pugmarks’ expert staff of security analysts are available to customers around-the-clock.
  • Pugmarks has an extensive team of certified security professionals who are specially trained to manage the VPNs of leading industry vendors.
  • Pugmarks’ firewall management saves organizations time and money by reducing staffing, training and maintenance.
Pugmarks’ redundant firewall architecture options, which include automatic fail over and clustering approaches, are available to be added to mission-critical environments to ensure continuity of network access and information availability.

Supported Platforms:
  • Check Point
  • Cisco PIX
  • NetScreen
  • Nokia

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