Backup Restore and Disaster Recovery

Backup Restore and Disaster Recovery

In the present landscape, businesses are running into a number of problems in trying to deal with the backup and recovery of critical data. With increasingly stringent regulations and threats from terrorism and infrastructure failure, the importance of business continuity solutions, regular backups, and the ability to restore when needed has never been higher.

In many organizations, backup strategies that are incomplete or ineffective can cost companies time and money unnecessarily. Limited IT support leaves data at risk, while traditional batch backup is inadequate and labor-intensive. Traditional offsite tape vaulting is expensive and requires time-consuming physical tape removal and transportation to an offsite facility for disaster recovery protection.

Insufficient staff resources and increasing exposure to risk of data loss are prompting business operators and IT managers to consider using online vaulting managed service providers. As the value of their data increases, companies look to managed services as a better way to ensure secure backup and successful recovery of their data. The convenience of having a managed service that automates capture, removal, storage and recovery, without the inconvenience of handling tape, is invaluable.

What you get with the Pugmarks Offsite Backup and Security solution:
  • Pugmarks deploys the Veritas system and custom developed routines for periodic backup and integrity checks of backups. We deploy NAS, SAN, hard drive based media, as well as DLTs to perform backups of running systems.
  • Pugmarks solutions both protect remote office data more effectively and reduce costs dramatically by eliminating the requirement for discrete remote office backups. This eliminates the problems of incomplete and costly remote data protection.
  • Rather than dedicated file servers in the remote office, Pugmarks customers are backing up their remote office across the globe in real time over the WAN.
  • The data is housed, managed, and protected right in the Pugmarks datacenter according to true IT “best practices.” New data created by remote users automatically resides in the datacenter, and a 20-year-old problem is solved without adding incremental management costs or disciplines.
  • For customers that require a more extensive backup scenario extending past shared files, Pugmarks also enables attached workstations to back up individual data from the desktop directly to Pugmarks backup servers. Using industry standard software, this data is sent over the network at rapid speeds to the datacenter, where it is safely managed according to the organization's policies.

Helping ensure that data and applications are always available is integral to the company's utility computing strategy. Veritas NetBackup software provides the highest data protection and recovery service levels to meet the stringent IT requirements of today's enterprise, while helping to drive down costs. Veritas NetBackup is a key building block in the company's backup and recovery product portfolio, integrating with Veritas CommandCentral™ Service software to enable the delivery of backup and recovery as a utility, and with VERITAS Data Lifecycle Manager, providing data archiving, retention and retrieval capabilities to meet regulatory requirements.


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