Call Center Colocation

Call Centres need specialised IT and web services designed for them, not services modified for them. For offshore call centers Pugmarks provides all levels of solutions. Pugmarks also offers consultancy to corporations who want to setup an offshore contact center.

When Pugmarks launched services to call centers, the challenge was to provide them stable telecom interconnect and help them manage rapid network expansion. We still accommodate growth, but today's market drivers are cost containment, network redundancy and overall infrastructure management.

Pugmarks is one of the leading providers of network infrastructure solutions for domestic and international customers for IP bandwidth users as well as communications service users. Pugmarks’ customers range from international call centers to content providers and enterprise businesses. It offer secure and reliable data centers and an array of communications services from the same location tailored to optimize network operations, including fast and cost-effective network interconnection, circuit aggregation and grooming, conversion services and Internet and VoIP peering.

Call Center services
  • You can utilize the Pugmarks Carrier and Call Center Hosting services with their state-of-the-art facilities, network and support services, rather than investing in your own equipment.
  • The Pugmarks Carrier and Call Center Colocation service provides a secure, clean, expandable bandwidth and facilities while reducing local loop costs on most applications.
  • For call centers located in Asia that have their calls originating and terminating in the USA, UK and Canada, either managed or hosted call center equipment with colocation of your owned equipment is perfect. Pugmarks has its call center customers connecting to its data centers using either International Private Leased Lines (IPLCs) or via public internet using its high quality high bandwidth internet bandwidth.
Why go for colocation with Pugmarks?
  • Pugmarks has secure colocation facilities.
  • It has the immediate ability to increase bandwidth to the Internet for T-1, DS-3, Burstable DS-3, OC3 and OC12, and Gigabit over Ethernet.
  • Via Frame relay services to Private Fiber further Data Interconnections to its datacenter are possible throughout USA and Canada.
  • High volume voice over IP (VoIP) termination or high volume TDM origination and termination is offered via all major telecom companies at very attractive and competitive prices.
  • Managed colocation allows you deploy your own telecom infrastructure at its location, which Pugmarks configures, supports, manages and monitors 24/7. This way you can negotiate a competitive rate with the telecom interconnection provider of your choice.
  • Managed hosting can offer you a consolidated per minute calling rate, based on your minimum commitment volume. With hosted ports for connecting your multiplexed voice and data circuits and for voice long distance T1 lines, you can reduce your capital cost. Pugmarks provides instant scalability and expands your network easily without having to locate and build new facilities and acquire new hardware.
  • Pugmarks managed and hosted collocation service can be extended to connect to your customer service or response center customers securely via a cross connection to your multiservice switch or MUX via: POTS Line DS-1/T1 DS-3/T3 OC-3/STM-1 OC-12/STM-4 Ethernet over Single Mode Fiber or Sonnet Ring
  • Pugmarks offers carrier-grade space in the Chicago area, allowing you to locate as close to your end users as possible—you can react to your customers’ needs in minutes, not weeks or months.
  • Pugmarks’ data centers in Chicago are located within cross connect distance with multiple long-haul carriers, dark-fiber providers and metro networks physically converge to make buying and selling data and telecommunication services easy and affordable. The facilities are strategically located in the central location in the United States which can serve as both domestic communications hubs and international gateways to Europe, Mexico, Latin America and the Pacific Rim.


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