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For any organization, however big or small, an Internet connection today is as essential as a power connection. Uninterrupted bandwidth is as important as uninterrupted power. Corporations with a higher bandwidth requirement usually has very few choices in ISPs.

Pugmarks has fully managed gigabit full duplex bandwidth, using a global fiber optical network with peering arrangements with all backbones. Whether a company needs high uninterrupted connectivity or requirements such as streaming video or wants to offer high bandwidth data to its customers in the form of games, music, video, downloads, Pugmarks’ bulk bandwidth tiered pricing offers very high ROI.

Pugmarks offers hosting or colocation of your high bandwidth application in its data center. However, if you prefer, the bandwidth can be extended to your office or data center on your local loop. Depending upon your location, Pugmarks can arrange for hauling from one of its POPs in the Chicago area.

Bandwidth slabs and options available from Pugmarks
  • At the Data Center
  • 1000 MBPS over Fiber GBIC
  • 1000 MBPS over copper Ethernet
  • 100 MBPS over Fast Ethernet
  • 10 MBPS over Ethernet
In the Chicago Metro Area

One or more of the following options may be available depending upon your location
  • 1000 MBPS Full Duplex over Metro Ethernet
  • 150 MBPS over OC3 Fiber
  • 100 MBPS over Licensed Wireless Frequency
  • 50 MBPS over Unlicensed Wireless
  • 45 MBPS over DS3
  • 10 MBPS over Wireless
  • 5 MBPS over wireless
  • 1.5 MBPS over T1

Pugmarks’ bandwidth sale is limited to businesses using high bandwidth. It does not provide Internet connections for residences, low bandwidth requirements, DSL, ADSL, cable modem or dial-up customers.

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