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Reseller Hosting FAQs

How can I become your reseller?

To become a Pugmarks Reseller, you need to sign our Service Association Agreement, once that is done... make the payments based on the Reseller plan you are intersted and here you go. The payment options we offer are: Debit or Credit card, or Bank transfer. The details are available on our website.

When I purchase a domain name from Pugmarks, will that domain became mine?

Yes, and we can assist at anytime to transfer to another host if you wish.

If I buy a Reseller account, where my clients websites will be hosted?

USA, we have our own data center in Chicago.

How many websites can I host under any Reseller plan?

You can create only those many user accounts as has been specified in the plan subscribed by you, though you can have unlimited sub-domains, parked domains/aliases for each user account.

Do you provide webmail?

Yes, standard webmail is provided as a part of the plan.

Can I manage my own domains DNS?

Yes, if you are using the Nameservers provided by Pugmarks, using your Control Panel you can manage the DNS records for the hosted domains.

How do I add websites?

Every Reseller plan provided by Pugmarks uses a control panel to allow you as admin to add domains or websites.

Is it possible to start with a Small Business hosting pack and upgrade later?

Yes. Upgradation can happen any time.

Which accounts provide PHP and MySQL?

Both, our Windows and Linux Reseller Plans include support of PHP and MySQL.

How do I transfer my existing domain name to you?

You can either transfer your domain to Pugmarks or can set the nameservers to the ones provided by Pugmarks.

If I need to have an MX record added to a domain is this possible?

Yes, you may set the MX record of your own. By default the MX shall be pointing to the server where the mailing of your domain is hosted

How do I administer MySQL databases?

We provide you with a control panel where you are able to easily create tables, insert data, execute SQL queries, etc.

Can I use my Microsoft Access database?

Yes, only on our Windows Reseller plans.

How do I backup my online database?

You can export the databases and store it locally at your end or can contact the Pugmarks Sales team to subscribe to custom backup solutions being provided by Pugmarks.

What happens after the first year of hosting?

Before the renewal is due you will receive an email notifying you that renewals are due on your account. We will send you 3 renewal notices for any renewal due (domain name and/or web hosting account). The notification will be sent to the email ID which will be registered with us against your reseller account.

What happens if I exceed my bandwidth allocation?

On exceeding the usage of allocated bandwidth, your account may get suspended automatically by the system. So you shall need to contact Pugmarks for buying additional bandwidth. You are advised to keep track of the bandwidth usage to ensure that you get un-interrupted services either by remaining within limits or by buying additional bandwidth before you are about to exceed the limits.

What happens if I exceed my disk space allocation?

On exceeding the usage of allocated disk space, your account may get suspended automatically by the system. So you shall need to contact Pugmarks for buying additional disk space or free up space by removing un-necessary data. You are advised to keep track of the disk space usage to ensure that you get un-interrupted services either by remaining within limits or by buying additional disk space before you are about to exceed the limits.

How much do I have pay to become Pugmarks reseller?

Becoming a reseller of Pugmarks is absolutely FREE. You just need to sign up and our Sales team will be touch base with you to assist you further.

What do I need to do to become a reseller?

All you need to do is just fill out the signup form available at this URL .

How do I receive my reseller commissions?

We will send you your reseller commission at the end of the cycle as mentioned in our Terms & Conditions clause. The commission would be paid on submission of the Statement of Incentive or invoice raised by reseller.

How long will I receive commissions?

Any services sold by reseller (out of the services offered by Pugmarks under its Reseller Plan), he will be entitled for only one time commission.

What are the services offered under Pugmarks Reseller Program?

Pugmarks Reseller Plan is applicable on its Shared and Dedicated Hosting Plans only. It is not applicable on Domain Name Registration. Also it is not applicable on any 3rd party software (like AntiVirus, AntiSpam, SSL) while offering Hosting to the resellers clients.

What interface will my clients get from my side as a Pugmarks Reseller?

We can mutually discuss and define the level of information access your customers will have to the services being offered by Pugmarks.

How will I know that a sale has been made through my account?

A copy of e-mail notification will be sent to you as soon as a customer of yours purchases any service from us. These notifications will also have details about the services being asked along with the Invoicing details.


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