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Anti Spam (SpamFilter)

SpamFilter is a server side email filtering solution. It checks your incoming messages against spams, known viruses and other dangerous content, avoiding them to even reach your desktop. It is a server side solution, which means you don't have any software to install on your system to get your mails filtered. This is actually done by your mail account provider. With this web based interface, you are directly connected to the SpamFilter filter, where you will see blocked spams and will be able to tune some settings of the filter.

SpamFilter uses a number of test in order to detect spams with the best accuracy possible. It uses amongst others, some simple keyword or keyphrase matching, worldwide spam databases and statisticall token computing. The aggregation of all these criterias will give an overall score for each message, upon wich SpamFilter will take the final decision: spam or ham. As spam is a really fast moving target, these rules are also adapted as fast as possible. This is the job of SpamFilter to keep these settings as good as possible.

Some key features are
  • Filter unsolicited messages
  • Filter any potentially dangerous email
  • Manage any number of domains with independent configurations, policies and templates
  • Clustering capabilities for large volumes
  • Web-based user interface for quarantine and personal settings and many more...
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